Cancer Survivor's Month

“Testimonies of Ana Cristina and Cláudia“ - 2021

March is the month dedicated to women survivors of cancer and AICSO could not fail to mark this date. Annually, awareness-raising actions have been carried out during the respective month, which appeal to the adoption of healthy lifestyles and women’s health. See the most recent actions that AICSO developed in Women’s Month.

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see Claudia's testimony

In a video that tells her story in the first person, Cláudia, a 56-year-old woman who has been living with advanced ovarian cancer, in different types of treatment, for more than five years.

The objective is to encourage and encourage women who have cancer not to give up and to rediscover activities that bring them quality of life and help restore the pleasure of living.

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see Ana Cristina's testimony

Ana Cristina, a 35-year-old girl, shares her first-person experience with ovarian cancer. The diagnostic process, the treatments carried out and their side effects, the support tools you used and what it is like for you to live with a hereditary mutation that increases your risk of cancer.

Dynamic Calendar 2020

1 exercise per day, every day, in the month of March. Exercise for yourself and for the health of women cancer survivors.
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Move for Life 2019

Move for Life 2019 was a community event dedicated to promoting and raising awareness of the health of women living with and beyond cancer. In this first edition, a Zumba class was organized, with the aim of promoting healthy and active lifestyles, and around 300 women participated.