AICSO Considers that training in supportive care, both internally and externally, is an area of ​​special interest and importance.

Discover the training and networking actions that AICSO has promoted

Advanced Exercise and Cancer

Course The Association for Research and Support Care in Oncology (AICSO), through the ONCOMOVE program, and the Portuguese League Against Cancer – Northern Regional Nucleus (LPCC-NRN) organize Advanced Physical Exercise and Cancer Training, with a strong component multidisciplinary and practical, with real-life patients participating in one of the modules. Stay tuned and participate in the next edition.
Stay tuned and participate in the next edition..


This event aims to integrate physical exercise into the therapeutic approach in oncology, with the participation of internationally renowned guests with extensive experience in the development of physical exercise programs for cancer patients.
“From Sports Lab to Cancer Clinic”, will take place on March 18-19, 2022.

CanRehab – Exercise and Cancer Training

In 2019, AICSO financed the training of professionals involved in the ONCOMOVE © projects in Exercise and Cancer, through the renowned international program CanRehab. AICSO thanks Professor Anna Campbell for all the enthusiasm and commitment shown in this training, which took place in Gaia. For more information on the Canrehab program visit

From Cure to Care

“From Cure to Care” was a training developed by MASCC, with the support of Angelini Pharma SpA This clinical training was aimed at health professionals and was divided into two virtual sessions, which took place on November 9 and 23, 2021. Andreia Capela was a guest trainer at this event, presenting the theme “Supportive care and palliative care: multidisciplinary approaches”.

Time to Act: Don't let COVID-19 stop you from facing cancer

AICSO was present at the virtual launch event of the European Cancer Organization's 'Time To Act' campaign, in more than 30 languages: "Don't let Covid-19 stop you from facing cancer". This event was attended by Andreia Capela: “The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and brought new weaknesses to cancer patients. It is time to not stop, to reorganize ourselves, taking on the challenges and opportunities created, without leaving anyone behind. It is time to act! ”Watch the broadcast of the deferred event here

Telemedicine in Cancer: an overview

Andreia Capela was present at the Webinar: “Telemedicine in cancer: an overview”, which is part of a series of conferences developed by the  SPCC (Sharing Progress in Cancer Care)  and in collaboration with the  Sociedade Americana de Oncologia – ASCO American Society of Oncology – ASCO.
Watch the deferred webinar here.

European Code of Practice in Oncology

Do you already know the European Code of Practice in Oncology? The European Code of Practice in Oncology (“The Code”) is a patient and common citizen-centred manifesto on the basic principles of good clinical practice in oncology. It is an international document, developed by patients, advocates and health professionals, based on the “European Bill of Cancer Patients’ Rights” presented to the European Parliament in 2014, on World Cancer Day. The Code is translated and available in 25 languages, and the Portuguese translation was carried out by AICSO. Download your code here

SPCC-Sharing Progress in Cancer Care

SPCC-Sharing Progress in Cancer Care has developed a series of webinars based on the needs of daily clinical practice on the topic "Pain Management in Cancer Care". Each webinar will consist of the introduction of a case by a moderator and its discussion by two experts from different perspectives. The webinar will be broadcast in English and will be subtitled (live and deferred) in 5 different languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. AICSO is one of the associations that supports and promotes this webinar series.
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