MASCC affiliation

The MASCC Affiliate Program allows national associations from all over the world to be connected with each other and with MASCC, creating a vast network, which shares the objective of improving supportive care in oncology and which proposes to work in a cooperative way. In a network in which MASCC presents itself as the international “parent association”, AICSO has been its Portuguese affiliate since September 2019.

In view of the affiliation agreement, AICSO will have to inform MASCC about its program of activities and budget, on an annual basis. Members of MASCC residing in Portugal are automatically members of AICSO, and members of AICSO must also be members of MASCC if they are health professionals. Beneficiary members and effective members who are not health professionals are not obliged to join MASCC. The commitment assumed is one of high responsibility, so AICSO undertakes to continue to develop actions aimed at improving support care for people living with and beyond cancer in Portugal, but also to actively participate in the challenges launched by MASCC .