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Pink October - aicso 2021 campaign

The “Pink October” is marked annually and worldwide, with the aim of promoting awareness of Breast Cancer.
AICSO thanks the effort and dedication of all those who contributed to the set of 19 videos of the October Rosa 2021 Campaign.
It is intended that this campaign will go beyond the month of October and that it will be a virtual support for the community of people living with and beyond cancer.
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What are the risk factors for breast cancer?
Joana Carvalho, an oncologist, and Ana, a woman who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, tell us about the risk factors for this disease.
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How is breast cancer diagnosed?
In the words of Dr. Inês Branco, an imaging physician dedicated to breast pathology, with the collaboration of the survivor Márcia, AICSO explains the steps to reach the diagnosis of breast cancer.
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What are the types of breast cancer?
Dr. Antónia Furtado, an anatomopathologist, explains the 5 main types of cancer. Each of these types has a different and adapted treatment.
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What are the steps between diagnosis and treatments?
In this episode, Dr. Fernanda Fernandes, a surgeon dedicated to breast pathology, explains the steps between diagnosis and the beginning of treatments, in a situation of breast cancer diagnosis.
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Surgical treatment of breast cancer
Most breast cancer patients undergo surgery. Prof. Luís Fougo, a surgeon dedicated to breast pathology, explains how the surgical treatment is performed.
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Breast Cancer Radiotherapy
Radiotherapy treatment is used in a large percentage of cases. Follow the explanation given by Dr. João Conde, a radionologist.
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Chemotherapy in early breast cancer (neo and adjuvant)
Chemotherapy is necessary in the treatment of many cases of breast cancer. It is feared by many. Dr. Leonor Pinto, an oncologist, explains what it is and what it is for, demystifying some concepts.
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Hormone Therapy in Early Breast Cancer?
Did you know that most breast cancers are hormone sensitive? It means that, to develop, they need female hormones. This is why hormone therapy, which blocks the action of female hormones, is an important treatment for these types of cancer.
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Living with Advanced Breast Cancer
In this video, Nurse. Manuela Santos gives us the perspective of those who accompany and support throughout the disease process. Liliana shares what it’s like to live with the disease, and beyond.
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Triple Negative Advanced Breast Cancer Treatment
Dr. Noémia Afonso, an oncologist, explains how to treat advanced triple negative breast cancer and introduces us to Sandra, a survivor. Sandra explains to us what it was like to know the diagnosis and deal with the treatments, with the particularity of being pregnant in the first stage of the disease.
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Advanced HER2 positive breast cancer treatment
Dr. Gabriela Sousa, an oncologist, tells us about the treatment of advanced HER2 positive breast cancer. Did you know that therapeutic advances have completely changed the prognosis of this disease?
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Advanced Luminal Breast Cancer Treatment
In this episode, Dr. Paulo Cortes, an oncologist, explains how to treat advanced hormone-sensitive breast cancer. Find out how research has made this treatment effective and comfortable for most patients.
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Physical Rehabilitation and Physical Exercise
Rehabilitation is essential throughout the cancer patient’s journey. Breast cancer is no exception! This is what the physiatrist, Dr. Sofia Viamonte, the exercise physiologist, Pedro Antunes, and the survivor Paula convey in this new episode of the October Rosa 2021 videos.
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Cognitive and Psychological Rehabilitation
Dr. Eloísa, a psychologist dedicated to Psycho-Oncology, tells us about the emotional needs of the person living with, and beyond, breast cancer. Worth listening to!
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Nutrition in Breast Cancer Patients
This Pink October, we remind you how fundamental diet care is. To this end, we invite everyone to learn from nutritionist Elsa Madureira.
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Familial predisposition syndromes for breast cancer
Did you know that there are situations in which breast cancer is a hereditary disease? In such cases, proper counseling is very important in decision making. We invite everyone to learn with the oncologist dedicated to this area of ​​Medicine, Dr. Fátima Vaz.
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Breast Cancer in a Young Woman
Dr. Cristiana Marques and Filipa, a young woman diagnosed with breast cancer, talk to us about the topic. Because this disease affects people of all ages.
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Innovation and Research
To end the Pink October campaign, we invite you to listen to Prof. Luís Costa on the importance of research and innovation in the treatment of breast cancer.