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Pink October

October Pink Campaign 2021
The “Pink October” is marked annually and worldwide, with the aim of promoting awareness of Breast Cancer. AICSO thanks the effort and dedication of all those who contributed to the set of 19 videos of the October Rosa 2021 Campaign. It is intended that this campaign goes beyond the month of October and that it is a virtual support for the community of people who live with and beyond cancer.” Access all videos here.
Porto a Treinar 2019

As part of the “Porto a Treinar” program, promoted by the Porto City Council, AICSO joined the Zumba Mega Class, which took place at Parque Oriental. This was a way to mark the month of Breast Cancer, in October 2019, and to raise awareness of this disease and the benefits of exercise.

Zumbaween 2018

Zumbaween, an event held in October 2018, marked the month of Breast Cancer, combining the concepts of Haloween and Exercise. The users of MamaMoveGaia were the protagonists of the event, where there was no lack of characterization alluding to Haloween. This was a way of making the community aware of both the health gains achieved with the practice of physical exercise and the disease itself.