4th Edition of the Prostate Cancer Walk
On the November 14, 2021, the Association for Research on Supportive Care in Oncology, with the support of several partners, promoted the 4th Prostate Cancer Walk, at Marina da Afurada, Vila Nova de Gaia . A route of 5 km, round trip, with a landscape that characterizes the city, where the river meets the sea. The main objective of the event was to raise awareness of the prevention and early diagnosis of prostate cancer, as well as to raise awareness of the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle in prevention, but also in the course of the disease. This walk was part of the Blue November movement, a campaign whose main objective is to raise awareness of male diseases, with a main focus on the prevention and diagnosis of prostate cancer.
Information Campaign 2020

Project that has 20 videos narrated by professionals linked to this disease, which through a simple and accessible language, seeks to clarify some concepts and problems that men living with and beyond Prostate Cancer face in their daily lives.